Grim Challenge 2010

The water feature at the 5-mile mark - Grim Challenge 2010

Tragedy strikes

After running the Frimley 8 in February, I got a really sore arch – and the physio diagnosed plantar fasciitis. This still (as of July) hasn’t resolved itself in spite of taking anti-inflamms and receiving ultrasonic therapy. I’ve had an x-ray too but nothing identified, which leaves me with the option of a steroid injection to the sole of my heel.

In the meantime I am visiting the gym, where my cv routine consists of cross-trainer, AMT (assisted motion trainer – hard work!) and rowing. Now, I think I am quite good at rowing, so I have decided to keep a record here of my progress.

Rowing times

500m – 1:57.7




My Races to Date

  • December 2009: GRIM challenge
  • November 2009: Pine Ridge 10k
  • October 2009: Mortimer 10k
  • September 2009: Alice Holt 10k
  • August 2009: York 10k
  • July 2009: Clapham Common 10k
  • June 2009: Woodland 5 (Crowthorne)

My Personal Bests

  • 5km – 28:54 (Parkrun Basingstoke, August 2009)
  • 10km – 1:01:54 (Jane Tomlinson York 10k, August 2009)
  • Half Marathon – tbd

My Goals for 2010

  • 5km – 27 minutes
  • 10km – sub 1 hour
  • Half Marathon – complete without stopping!

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