Dodgy foot halts running progress, leading to a row

Tragedy strikes

Showing where plantar fasciitis strikes under the foot

Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the arch tendon, where it joins the heel, and is caused by impact

After running the Frimley Lodge 8 mile in February, I got a really sore arch – and the physio diagnosed plantar fasciitis. This still (as of July) hasn’t resolved itself in spite of taking anti-inflamms and receiving ultrasonic therapy. I’ve had an x-ray too but nothing identified, which leaves me with the option of a steroid injection to the sole of my heel. Booked in Monday for this – and not looking forward to it in the slightest!

In the meantime I have piled on the weight. I think I am the heaviest I have ever been outside of pregnancy; but since the batteries ran out on our bathroom scales I haven’t replaced them. I am in denial about weight, and just worried about waistbands that don’t meet. So I am visiting the gym, where my cv routine consists of cross-trainer, AMT (assisted motion trainer – hard work!) and rowing. Now, I think I am quite good at rowing, so I have decided to keep a record here of my progress. It’s all in the legs you know – but I like it because rowing is a good all-round workout, tightens the bum and abs as well as the legs and arms. Having said that, one of the coaches down at the gym has suggested that while I am wanting to lose weight as a priority, I should leave the rowing alone and focus on the x-trainer and AMT. But I can’t resist hopping on now and then and seeing if I can set myself a new PB for a shorter distance. Managing sub-2 minutes for 500m the other day was a #win!

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