Gimme Shelter!

Big round of applause for my friend Antony, who began running last year, like me. Here we are together after completing the York 10k in August 2009, which was my second-ever 10k and Antony’s first. 

Antony enjoyed the prep for this race so much that he foolhardishly decided to pit himself against the Virgin London Marathon 2010. I have to admit, after watching it on TV earlier this year, I did also experience a vague and vicariously euphoric sense of confidence that I too could complete the 26-odd miles without significant damage.
Well, Tony went ahead and investigated how he could enter. He didn’t get an independent entry in the online ballot, but decided to sign up to run on behalf of Shelter, the charity for housing and the homeless. Tony has been training very determinedly and improving his distance and times as he goes. Getting a charity place carries with it a commitment to raise a minimum amount of funds. Tony has to raise at least £1600, and some of his friends, myself included, have pledged to assist him.
If you would like to donate something to help him in his motivation for the big event on 25th April 2010, then please visit his Justgiving page here.
*   *   *   *
Me, I’m not quite so crazy. Once the mild vicarious euphoria had subsided and my friend Marjory (who carries all the blame for getting me hooked by introducing me to Parkrun in the first place) had put this all into perspective (“that’s like running a Half-Marathon and then running it again: utter madness”), I decided instead that I would most definitely aim to complete a Half Marathon during the course of 2010. Fair enough. 
My first attempt at this will be the Reading Half in March. I know this, because my husband has just entered me, dagnabbit! I will be seeking sponsorship for this myself in due course, on behalf of Reprieve, but just for now let’s not detract from Antony and his nutsville Marathon onslaught. If you think Shelter is a worthy cause, please spare a few pennies and help Tony on his way.
So… more of this later, I have other gruelling exploits to face in the meantime. Like the GRIM. Aaaargh.

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